Rockets with two picks in the 2017 draft

On Tuesday, the NBA announced the draft order for the 2017 draft, and as it stands the Houston Rockets will have picks 43 and 45 in the second round.

The Rockets would have had a first round pick which would have been the 28th overall selection, but they traded away it away earlier in the year to the Los Angeles Lakers for Lou Williams in a deadline deal.

Also in this draft, the Rockets will make good on their trade with the New York Knicks from back in 2015 when they made a move for Pablo Prigioni. The deal with the Knicks was for a 2017 and 2019 second round pick.

The draft will take place on June 22nd, and as of right now, the Rockets really have no must have needs. They will likely be looking to pick any players with the most upside/potential regardless of position.

In the coming weeks, we’ll dig deeper into the draft but before draft workouts take place anything anyone says about the bottom part of the draft is just a guess.


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