The Rockets destroyed by Spurs in closeout game (in a 150 words or less)

If you’re looking for a hard hitting game story about the Rockets massive loss to the Spurs, click here.

The next 100 and something words will be part ranting and part movie quotes as I try and sum up the game, it’s the only thing that I think I can do to stay sane.

At halftime, the Rockets were down 19 points to the Kawhi Leonardless Spurs.

Instead of Mike D’Antoni rallying the troops like President Whitmore from his epic speech during Independence day, the Rockets somehow looked even worse, eventually falling by 39 points.

James Harden for most of the year played like the MVP of the league, Thursday night was no such a performance. When the Rockets needed him most, he scored 10 points on 2-11 shooting.

As a team, the Rockets shot 28% from the field in a game when the Spurs were willing to gift them a win.


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