Does Patrick Beverley want out of Houston?

In the Houston Rockets swan song against the San Antonio Spurs, they not only lost, but they got destroyed. While the score said it was a 39 point loss, it oddly enough looked even worse.

The lopsided blowout might have also caused the heart and soul of the Rockets to lose his faith and question what’s next.

“I have a lot of big decisions as far as me, my future, what I want to do, so we’ll see how things go,” Patrick Beverley shared with the media following the team’s loss.

Beverley is under contract for a few more seasons with the Rockets, so the comments are a little strange.

The feisty point guard did not elaborate on what he said, nor did general manager Daryl Morey the following day when he addressed the media during the team’s exit interviews.

So the mind is left to wonder, what in the world he meant.

Could he be thinking about giving up the game and retiring?

Beverley has been through a handful of injuries and surgeries throughout his career, maybe the NBA grind is getting to him.

Maybe he’s ready for a new team and will try and orchestrate a move.

Or maybe as an underpaid point guard, he’s hoping for a raise.

I thought Beverley was a big plan of the Rockets future and it’s very hard to picture him not in uniform next season, so hopefully, he just misspoke after a crushing loss and there won’t be any drama this summer.


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