Lou Williams, will he step up or step out

One of the most lauded deals of the trade deadline was Daryl Morey stealing Lou Williams away from the bumbling Lakers and all it took was a first-round pick and Corey Brewer!!!

The NBA world was stunned, Williams the former sixth-man of the year was heading to Houston, the already potent offense was about to get a turbo charge.

Williams arrived on the scene and went bananas averaging 24 points a game in his first three outings. But after that, he started to struggle, averaging 11.1 points on 34% shooting over his next 11 games.

Overall he had some really great games, good games, meh games and bad games. Williams was never really consistent during his 23 games plus playoffs in Houston, he was very streaky.

The Rockets wanted someone to come off the bench and run the offense but he was never able to unseat Patrick Beverley as the “point guard” of the second unit.

With Eric Gordon as the team’s true sixth-man and Beverley running the offense, often times it looked like Williams was lost on the court.

A dynamic scorer in his stops previous, in Houston he was left as just a three-point shooter for the Rockets. His usage dropped 5% from the first part of the season with the Lakers and his three-point rate climbed from 43% to 49%.

For whatever reason, Williams never felt truly comfortable with the Rockets, and with him under contract for another season, is it a lock he’ll be back next year?

Trading for Williams was still the right move for the Rockets, the price was just too good to pass up. The problem was the theory of Williams in Mike D’Antoni offense, was a lot better than him actually being in the system.

While the Rockets got rid of Brewer in the trade, a piece they needed to upgrade on, oddly enough he actually outplayed Williams.

With the draft approaching in a little over a month, the Rockets have a tough choice to make do they think Williams will be the guy they traded for, or can you swap him and try and recoup some of that lost value.

Morey in his career has proved to be the Yoda of deals and no doubt if they tried to flip Williams they’d find themselves a nice haul in return.

The question is do they believe a summer of learning the offense will be what unlocks Williams full potential in D’Antoni system or is it better to try and get anything you can for him?


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  1. We need somebody like Paul George and more bulk in the paint like Boogie Cousins,this is what the Rockets are missing


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