Daryl Morey’s biggest mistake of the year

Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey is known for making deals, and more often than not he’s on the right side of trades. But of all the wheeling and dealing Morey has been a part of recently, his biggest strikeout was trading away Michael Beasley for essentially another warm body.

With Patrick Beverley going to be missing the first chunk of the season, the Rockets needed another ball-handler, so they sent Beasley to the Milwaukee Bucks in exchange for Tyler Ennis.

The problem with the trade is, Ennis, never ever fit into the team’s plans, with his biggest contributions mainly coming during blowouts.

Even without a true starting point guard to start the season, the Rockets chose to play Corey Brewer and Eric Gordon ahead of him, both fine choices for the situation, but what was Ennis here for then?

Had Beverley missed the entire season, the chances of Ennis playing more of a role than the last man off the bench, were pretty small, so again why was he traded for?

Beasley the season before came over from China and seemed to provide a boost to the Rockets in their final push to the playoffs.

This season the Rockets had Ryan Anderson and that was pretty much it in terms of power forwards or small ball centers.

Maybe the team had put all their eggs in the Donatas Motiejunas basket and they figured Beasley was expendable. They were surely wrong, Motiejunas never came and the Rockets never found a good replace for when Anderson was off the court.

Because the Rockets had no size once Anderson left the court, Brewer ended up playing or the team would just use three guards and make Trevor Ariza the four, none of those options were ideal but they ducked taped it up as best as they could and just outshot teams.

Had Beasley been around he would have provided the team a ton of options, he might not have been the three-point gunner that they wanted but he’s a scorer and you can never have too many guys that can put the ball in the basket.

Beasley could have been the small ball center, and taken guys off the dribble, he could have played four, or even a little small forward. He would never have been mistaken for an all first-team defender but he proved he was a worker and no doubt he would have fit in the defense somehow this season.

Had the Rockets had Beasley around for Rockets this season, he would have contributed 10 times more than Ennis did.


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