The Astros have been playing out of their minds, and so have some unlikely players.

With all the additions the Houston Astros made before the season, it wasn’t crazy to expect that the team would be better. But to be the winningest team in all of baseball, with five more wins than the next closest team in the A.L. no one saw that.

The back of the team’s starting rotation ERA wise is having a rough year, luckily the offense and a strong bullpen have helped the Astros win a lot of games that last year they would have lost.

Dallas Keuchel, Lance McCullers, may have been the team’s biggest question marks coming into the season, but both have shown they are healthy and with that has come dominance at the front of the rotation.

While everyone is providing contributions across the board, the team is getting a lot of help from even places they didn’t expect.

Below are the Astros that are playing out of their minds.

Marwin Gonzalez

The super-utility man has become a must play for A.J. Hinch. Every day he HAS to find a way to put him into the lineup because this season he’s become the team’s best offensive player. Gonzalez and George Springer both have 11 home runs, but the utility man has a 1.027 OPS which is by far and away the highest on the team.

Jake Marisnick

No one ever will complain about Marisnick’s defense. What is always brought up is his offense, and that’s the reason why he’s been kept as a late inning defensive replacement.

Of late, Marisnick has become much more playable. In May, he’s batting .273 and he was the main reason the Astros picked up a couple of wins. He hasn’t played in every game during the month, but when he’s played the team is 17-2.

Brad Peacock

The lowest ERA of the Houston Astros does not go to Dallas Keuchel or Chris Devenski, it belongs to Peacock.

A career 4.76 ERA with the Astros, in 2017 he’s flipped the script and now has the fifth best ERA in the major leagues (0.87). Most of Peacock’s success has come out of the bullpen, however, the Astros are now going to try to see if his magic will continue as the team’s number three starter.

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