Slow your roll people, Paul George and Chris Paul aren’t joining the Rockets

This time of year speculations and rumors run rampant through the NBA, if you want LeBron James on your team, dig deep enough and someone has linked the two together.

Of late, Paul George, Chris Paul, Ringo Starr and Elvis Presley have all been rumored to find themselves on the Houston Rockets in one way or another.

Maybe not Starr and Presley, but George has made it know that he’s going to be a free agent in 2018 and now team’s are coming out of the woodwork to acquire his services and Paul is going free-agent shopping this offseason and the Rockets are rumored to be on his long list of team’s he will visit.

The problem with believing all of this nonsense is it’s not going to happen, ok well, maybe there is a one percent chance of George or Paul joining the Rockets it’s just super unlikely, I mean hail marys do connect every once in a while, just not very often.

With the rise of super team’s, it’s understandable the Rockets want to build one themselves if they are going to be the team that will dethrone the Golden State Warriors, but they shouldn’t.

The Rockets did a damn good job last season with just one star and a whole lot of shooters, why not keep adding to the recipe that’s already proven to work.

More shooters and a strong bench should be the team’s focus, not bringing in another star that might or might not work out.

Paul is great no doubt, but he plays a position that James Harden excels at. Having Paul means Harden goes back to playing off the ball, he can do it, but last season he proved he’s a much better point guard.

Not to mention snagging Paul means that some guys must go, Patrick Beverley, Trevor Ariza, Lou Williams, who knows exactly who would have to be traded to make room to land him, but you will be weaker bench wise if the Rockets get him.

George is even worse, not only are you getting rid of talent to land him, you are also only guaranteed just one season. Getting George to sign a long-term deal is a role of the dice, he’s made it known the Los Angeles Lakers is where he see’s himself ending up.

The simple point is getting George or Paul means the Rockets will be a weaker team overall.

Yes, the starting lineup with either guy looks like a pretty formable team, but at what cost?

The Los Angeles Clippers had this problem for years, a great starting lineup and an awful bench, it’s the main reason they can’t ever break through in the playoffs.

What made the Rockets a great team last year, yes a great team, was the fact that they were a total team, everyone had a role and everyone was there to support Harden.

Having two superstars is not necessarily a great thing, we all remember how Dwight Howard worked out, and dare I mention the Ty Lawson experiment.

I am not saying Harden can’t play with other stars, but the Rockets found something last year, why fix what’s not broken.

Beverley through the years has proved to be a great complement to Harden.

The Rockets have tried Jeremy Lin, Eric Gordon, Jason Terry and Lawson, none seem to have the same chemistry that Beverley has with Harden.

Last year the Rockets scored 115.3 points a game which was good enough for the second-best in the NBA, only trailing the Warriors by 0.6 points, Paul or George would be great additions but it’s not the reason they didn’t make it past the San Antonio Spurs.

Harden forgetting how to play basketball and head coach Mike D’Antoni not expanding his rotation when injuries befell the team is what did in the Rockets.

Next season what the team needs is more sharpshooters and someone who can lead the second unit be it Williams or someone else, that’s what will take the Rockets to the next level, not George or Paul.

Grabbing a second star to pair with Harden will be one step forward but giving up what it will cost will also be two steps backward and that is not what the organization needs.


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