Getting Melo is going to take four teams, and it’s not going to be easy

By Joshua Reese

The city of Houston waits for the #Wojbomb that will deliver them Carmelo Anthony and so far it hasn’t happened.

The Houston Rockets really want the 12-time all-star, the Knicks seem ready to move on and Anthony himself is willing to waive his no-trade clause to join James Harden and Chris Paul.

With seemingly all the stars aligning perfectly, the major sticking point in this deal is likely trying to find a home for Ryan Anderson, the Knicks have already “reportedly” turned down a trade for the Rockets power forward, so now it’s on to plan B through Z.

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski just recently reported that the Rockets are trying to find not a third team, but a fourth team to join the trade that they hope will allow them to ultimately shed them Anderson and net Anthony.

“Sides motivated but no agreement imminent,” Wojnarowski said in a tweet.

Last week former Brooklyn Net’s assistant general manager Bobby Marks mentioned on the Lowe Post that he had spoken with two team’s and they were seeking two first-round picks in order to take Anderson’s contract off the Rockets hands.

Thus the Rockets quandary they want to get Anthony, but the biggest piece they seem willing to move is Anderson and with him under contract through the 2019 season for about 20 million dollars a year, it’s hard to find people who are willing to take on his salary just for the sake of taking it on.

Now to get this done, the Rockets have to find a fourth team, per Woj to get in on this deal and that will be a hassle.

Four-team trades don’t just grow on trees and with so many moving parts, it’s going to be very hard for the Rockets to pull this off. Even still, if there is a general manager in the NBA who can pull this deal off, it’s likely going to be Daryl Morey.

On Morey’s resume, it does include two four-team trades.

In 2010 he landed Courtney Lee, and in 2012 Morey was able to get in on a Lamar Odom trade that netted them the rights to Furkan Aldemir.

This four-team trade will likely be much harder than anything else he’s had to do as a G.M.


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