Melo and the latest in his quest to join a winner

By Joshua Reese


Yet another twist in the winding road that is the trade talks between the Houston Rockets and the New York Knicks.

Wednesday morning ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski‏ reported that the Rockets were looking to find a fourth team in order to help them land 10-time all-star Carmelo Anthony.

Thursday afternoon the Knicks looked to have finally found a G.M. by hiring Scott Perry, current Sacramento Kings Vice President of Basketball Operations. But even that seems to be slowed as the Kings are still owed reimbursement since the Knicks want to hire a current employee.

However, while that is getting sorted out, ESPN also reported that the Knicks are stalling the Anthony trade talks for the time being. The Knicks management is now hoping to try and bring the 10-time all-star back into the fold.

It’s hard to image anything has changed for Anthony, the Knicks might not have Phil Jackson running the organization anymore, but they just handed Tim Hardaway Jr. a massive contract, they aren’t going to be a contender anytime soon.

With Anthony waving his no-trade clause to join the Cleveland Cavaliers or the Rockets, his goal is clear, he wants to go to the finals and his best chance is by leaving the Knicks.

The ESPN report did say trade talks had advanced, which means the fourth team the Rockets had been looking might have been found, or maybe they are getting closer to finding them.

While everything coming out of New York seems like a setback after setback, nothing’s really changed with the Knicks and it’s hard to even fathom what they could say to get Anthony to buy-back into the franchise.

The Los Angeles Clippers also tried to get Chris Pual to stay, meeting with him to talk about the future, hours later he was traded to the Rockets.

During this meeting, Paul shared with the Clippers that he wanted to play for the Rockets, and as an upcoming free agent, the choice was to let him go or to trade him, they choose to get value for him.

When and if the Knicks meet with Anthony, he can also share he’s done and wants out, and when he does, there are only three choices, keep someone that doesn’t want to be around, buy him out and get nothing for him or try and get some value, the answer seems pretty clear.

Unless Anthony is willing to take a very Knicks-friendly buyout (unlikely), the only way to they win in this scenario is by getting anything they can for him.

With the Knicks heading into a new direction keeping an unhappy Anthony in New York seems like a disaster waiting to happen.











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