Ultimate Rockets conspiracy theory

By Joshua Reese

The Houston Rockets are in the middle of assembling their Justice League in order to stop the NBA’s version of the Legion of Doom, the Golden State Warriors.

Even if the team does end up landing Carmelo Anthony this season, they are probably still one more super star away from being about to defeat the Legion of Doom.

But next year when LeBron James is a free agent, it’s not impossible to think that he could end up joining the Rockets and if that happens, it will be like adding Superman to the Justice League, finally, the NBA will have a team that comes into the season better than the Warriors, and by a lot.

So what am I talking about?

What evidence do I have that James Harden and LeBron could become James squared?

Well, this is how I see it break down, the Rockets need superstars, LeBron isn’t going to be joining a team that doesn’t already have the makings of a team that could threaten the Warriors.

The rumors of LeBron joining the Los Angeles Lakers following this season are out there, and on top of that, he’s stopped recruiting people to come to the Cleveland Cavaliers (reportedly).

When there is smoke, normally there is fire.

It’s not a blazing inferno like Carmelo Anthony getting traded to the Rockets, but the LeBron news is certainly starting to heat up, especially with the league trending to more and more super teams.

Rockets already have two mega stars in Harden and Chris Paul, and maybe another star will be joining soon in Anthony.

The Oklahoma City Thunder have Russell Westbrook and Paul George, but only for one season though, potentially.

Now if Westbrook and George end up going to the Lakers next season, it’s easier to see LeBron taking his talents to tinsel town, but without one or both of them, why on earth would he join one of the youngest team’s in the league?

LeBron is a lot of things, but a baby sitter is something he is not.

If LeBron does end up leaving the Cavaliers next season, he’s going to go a place with a great situation and that place is in Houston.

“I know where home is, I know where I want to be, I know where I want to retire ultimately and where I want to win a championship,” James Harden said about why he chose to re-up. “Everything is going to happen here in Houston, and that’s the reason I’m here forever.”

Super team step one, done.

The Rockets before free-agency pulled off a trade to bring in Chris Paul, one of the games best point guards, and while he’s only under contract for one season, he’s made no indication he wants to leave.

“No body has ever left here because they wanted to leave here,” Rockets owner Les Alexander said when asked about the possibility of keeping Paul long term.

Super team step two, done.

With two stars in the mix, the Rockets also seem to very close to landing a third star in New York Knicks Carmelo Anthony.

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski shared recently that Anthony expects to Knicks to continue trade talks soon, where the Rockets seem to be the favorite to land him and if they get him, he’ll be around at least for this season and next year.

Super team step three, just about done.

Houston is about to become the center of the NBA world, sans the Warriors and with LeBron, they are the new it team everyone is chasing.

Fitting Paul, Anthony, Harden, and LeBron all underneath the cap would certainly be extremely diffacult to do, but it’s not impossible especially if the king is willing to take a little bit of a discount to pick up, not one title, not two, not three, but four titles.

If LeBron said you know what, I’ll come to the Rockets for about 20 million next season, moving P.J. Tucker and Eric Gordon’s contract free’s up just about that much room.

Of course, it’s a massive long shot that LeBron would join the Rockets, but if he’s going to leave the “Land” why wouldn’t he want to join a team with Harden, Paul, and Anthony.

If his goal is to win titles and titles only – the Rockets certainly wouldn’t be able to offer him the most money, his best situation is to join Houston’s Justice League and he’ll finally be able to beat the Legion of Doom, once again.










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